This is the web site of the Franciotti Family of Mineola, New York, USA.
It was created by Robert Franciotti and it's purpose is to enable easy viewing of family events and other things that I deem interesting.

Family Events

Hurricane Sandy 29-Oct-2012
Heather's 29th Birthday-iPhone Version
Captree Fishing August 2012-iPhone Version
Karen Wenzel - Frank Varisco Wedding 08-Jan-2011
Christmas 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Kevin 24th Birthday
Mom 2010 Halloween at Sunrise Assisted Living
30th Wedding Anniversary at Woodloch Pines 2010
Lynn Boston University Graduation
Kevin Northeastern Graduation
Christmas 2009
Lynn Video - One, Two, Three
Lynn Video - Between Here and There
Florence's Surprise 50th Video
Heather & Michael Pictures (by Joan. AKA The Chopper)
Heather & Michael Pictures (by Florence, AKA The Floss)
Heather & Michael Video (by Tim, Joan & Robert) Loads fast now!
Heather & Michael Wedding (Pictures by Robert)
Michael Bachelor Party 5-24-09
Heather Bridal Shower 5-23-09
Easter 2009 and Mom's Birthday
Lynn Amsterdam Pictures
Lynn Barcelona Pictures
Lynn Paris Pictures_Volume 1
Lynn UK Pictures_Volume 2
Lynn UK Pictures_Volume 1
Christmas 2008
Tullio Franciotti & 1936 Irish Sweepstakes
Rob & Debbie with fantastic seats at Yankees vs. Red Sox 8-27-08
Heather-Michael Engagement Party 8-23-08
Italy 2008 (Franciotti)    Italy 2008 (Harrington)
Frankfurt 2008
Heather & Michael Engagement 4-25-08
Family Pictures 5-2-08
Paris 2008 Vacation
Rob's Business Trip Videos
Martha's 80th Birthday
Michael's Dynamometer Test on VW Corrado
Dad's 82nd Birthday
Christmas 2007 in Mineola
Christmas 2007 at Sterling Glen
Thanksgiving 2007
Frankfurt, Germany Trip 2007
Parents 55th Wedding Anniversary
London Vacation 2007
Lynn 2007 Boston University Move In
Kevin 2007 Northeastern Move In
Kodanja 2007 (Master Belt Presentation)
Rob Birthday 2007
Old Family Pictures
Mom's 79th Birthday Party (4/22/07)
Dad & Paul Birthday Party (1/13/07)
Christmas 2006
Italy Vacation 2003
Parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary
July 2000 Vacation

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